Thursday, February 6, 2014

February Oil of the Month

Spark Natural's Oil of the Month for February is......................


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What exactly does one do with marjoram? Glad you asked.

Marjoram is good for respiratory issues like asthma. When inhaled (by diffusing) this essential oil relaxes the respiratory system helping it calm down. 

It has analgesic properties, so it's good for massaging your muscles and joints with a carrier oil and it helps bring a fever down. 

It can be used to treat wounds by disinfecting and preventing infection. 

You can also treat anxiety. (which is what I will be using it for). 

For other uses for this universal oil, you can do your own research. There is plenty of information out there. 

The easiest way to use the oil is either by diffusing in a diffuser, or putting a few drops with a carrier oil or some of your own homemade salve. You can also put some in a roller bottle with some carrier oil.  I find that 5 or so drops in a 1/6 ounce or 5 ml roller bottle and topping off with fractionated coconut oil or grape seed oil is all you really need. I tend to go light on the oils because I want to make it last. But, you can always increase it a little at a time to see what helps you. 

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