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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday


I have the greatest skill at putting things off. I put off filling out forms. Balancing my bank account. Paying bills. Taking my medicine. Taking a shower. Getting up out of bed. Doing dishes. Making supper. Answering the phone. Going to the store. And I have a giant stack of papers to be filed! This is why I need an assistant. Or a swift kick in the ass!

And yes, my crafting is at a standstill.

What am I doing instead...wasting time on the internet and reading on my Kindle. But this whole month of January, I have been busy with TRYING to stay warm.

Average Sunday

I have to work every weekend, so here I am at work. I hope my schedule changes soon. It has NOT been an easy January. And I'm hoping things will be getting better in my personal life as well.

To help with my making regular posts, I plan on doing Wordless Wednesdays as well as entries from my grandmothers family history she put together. I sure do miss her. She would have been 102 years old January 12. She died when she was 98.

Speaking of birthdays; my dads birthday is today. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

New Blog Design!

I have a new blog design made by, Blog Sites by Suzy. I am very excited about this. I am constantly changing the look of this blog and am never satisfied. I am not a designer (of anything) and decided to actually pay someone to do it for me. Someone who has some skills. Suzy did my recipe blog, All in the Family about a year ago with one of her pre-made blog designs and I just loved it. So this year, I took a leap and had her customize my main blog. I sure am glad I did. Thanks Suzy!!

PS: Maybe this will inspire me to post more often. I hope so. Now what do I say.....


If we don't stop SOPA and PIPA; this is what the majority of the internet will be like:

Click here to sign the petition to let Congress know how you feel.


There has to be a better way to stop piracy than threatening Americans right to free speech. I'm tired of us Americans who live in America getting the raw end of the deal. Why shouldn't we be able to talk about whatever we want to no matter what medium me choose? I'm tired of Americans having to show ID's and documentation everywhere we go. Post offices, hospitals, etc. It frankly is a violation of being American in my opinion. We must stand up for our rights or we will fall for anything. We are being complacent and the only way to change things to to speak out!!

Book Thoughts.....

This book has got to be the weirdest book I have ever read. I did enjoy it and couldn't put it down and at the same time was horrified at the idea of this ever happening. I have been getting "turned off" by religion for some time now and after reading this I most definitely am. I know that horrifying things have happened in the past and can and will happen again. But this?! I certainly hope us women would stand up and fight to the death to not be treated this way EVER!