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Good Day

Well, so far I have had a great day. Was able to sleep in. Hubby came home early this morning. I wasn't expecting to see him until Monday.

I made a pot roast and potatoes and carrots in pressure cooker before work. Tasted it and it's succulent! Brought some to work for my supper so I won't have to suffer with hospital food.

I also managed to do dishes and take a shower and work on my "farm" on FarmVille. At work now. Hope the rest of day goes well.

Which reminds me that yesterday when I was at work my daughter informed me that she got hit in head with a softball during a game. She was in extreme pain and headachey and dizzy. She wasn't gong to ER but I convinced her to. She was checked out and had a CT scan and was alright. Thank God! I called her today and she said she was feeling all right. Whew!!!

Also I found a "surprise" in my purse yesterday: 3 dirty baby socks :-) from Kendra. She is so cute.

Testing, Testing, 123.....

On a recent walk. 


Once again I changed my banner. lol. I took this picture Tuesday at my moms. This is the view she has from her outside door of her apartment. I just love it!

Oh, and that is the Oswegatchie River in the background.

New Banner

Finally, a banner I am satisfied with. Why? Because it's my own picture and I finally got it positioned right with a little help (see web address inside banner).

This is the Oswegatchie River behind my house. I took this picture last summer (or was it the summer before, hmmm?) Oswegatchie is an Indian word meaning "Black Water." It may see harmless; but in the Winter and Spring; can be very deadly. Many people I have known over the years have drowned in that river. Stay away from it in the Winter and Spring!

Our town has a struggling coffee shop that is named Oswegatchie Coffee company. I used to go there but now you can never tell when it's open.


I have to work this afternoon and don't have to watch kids. I need to get dishes done and the soap grated up for my laundry soap but I just want to lay around instead. I am going to have to give myself a kick in the butt. I really need to get a day job because I am too old for the evening shift. Plus, I get a lot more done when I work the day shift. I don't foresee this happening anytime soon though.

Nathalie will be home more now that she doesn't have to watch kids at her almost inlaws house. So I will get to see the grandchildren more. I have been watching Katie though and love it. It is work though but she is fun.

11 Months Old

My Katie a day before she turned 11 months. She learned how to drink from a straw on Friday, April 9th. We are at Kentucky Fried Chicken after shopping at Walmart.


If you knew me, you would know that I HATE holidays and all they stand for! They are all a pack of LIES we tell our children and ourselves. And grab us with warm fuzzy fake feelings of family and contentment. I say fake for the sole fact of the LIES they are based on. 

Yes, I believe in God who IS Jehovah and I believe in Jesus. I just don't believe in the world's melding of pagan customs and traditions and calling it "Christian." If anyone bothered to read and meditate on the Bible and think of how the Bible applies to our situation, you would KNOW that this "mixing" is not tolerated under ANY circumstance no matter how you justify it.
So this all makes me sick to my stomach and VERY mad. Mad because no one really THINKS about what and why they are doing things. And then they throw the kids in to justify it.
It's MY right to not participate or believe and I shouldn't be made to feel that I am "unchristian." Actually, I think they are unchris…