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ODonnell Family Reunion 2010

The Riverview Park turned out to be a great place to have the reunion. I was nervous about hosting it but it all worked out well thanks to my sister-in-law Judy. Glad it's over though.

Kendra Emily, 2

Kaydence Rose, 1

Nathalie & Kaelynn, 10 1/2 months.

Chris & Scott Robinson (cousins)

 This is the food auction.

Childhood Memories

A few days ago my sister and I were reminiscing about our childhood on Twitter and I decided that it would make a good post. So here goes:
What we remembered was in the cold Chicago winters curling up with an afghan and reading all day. For supper we would have hot garlic bread and hot cocoa. We would be reading The Bobbsey Twins or Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. I was into The Hardy Boys because of Shawn Cassidy. For some reason I just loved him. Of course, now I'm like "what was I thinking...." I even had a gigantic poster of him on my wall and would kiss him every night before bed. lol. "what was I thinking..."
And when I say we, I mean the whole family; both my sisters and mother too. We are readers. Still are. I don't know why my kids aren't. Well, Trisha will read only if she's bored to death. The other 3 will not touch a book.
What else do I remember.......animals. We had several animals that never lasted. My mom would always get sick of the…

Hate WordPress

I have tried to make a blog at least 3 times with WordPress. It hasn't gone very well. I don't find them very user friendly at all and their themes suck. No flexibility at all either. I will stick with Blogger thank you very much!! I just wish they would make an iPhone app. I guess you can't have everything. The iPhone does spoil you so lol!!


#HomeHer10 was a spin-off of BlogHer10 on Twitter. An at home conference in the day in the life of fellow bloggers who did not attend BlogHer10 in NYC. My sister over at explained it to me when I began seeing her tweets and I decided to join in. It was FUN! And I learned that my problems are just like other peoples and humor will get you through it. I also found other bloggers to follow.
So what was my day like?: find out on my Twitter page.