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Face Wash

Why have I not ever heard of this before? I have acne prone skin. Had it every since I was 9. I've tried every freaking acne face wash there is and nothing has ever worked. So, here I am in my 40s and finally my skin looks good. For three weeks now. I love it! No acne. No dryness. Smooth and healthy complexion. I really do look younger. So what is this? I don't know if I dare say. I mean why would I want others to look good too. lol. Oh, it is:

castor oil and olive oil
What!! Why would you put more oil on your face to help with oily skin, you say. I thought it was gross too. But since I have tried everything anyway, I gave it a shot. And I was sold on the first "washing".

I found this on a blog that I follow: Simple Organized Living. I think I found the blog on Pinterest. You find so many neat things on that site that you might otherwise never have found. On Simple Organized Living, the oil cleansing method was linked and referenced too.

Go ahead and re…

Anyway You Want It

Jamming to some tunes. Now playing: 

This is how I like to unwind. Alone singing with my favs.

Another F'ing BDay

Happy Birthday to my son, Michael, who is 23 today. To celebrate I made his brother make a cake for him because I was holding and playing with the grandkids. We had pizza, cake, and ice cream. And soda, which 1 year old, Aubree, couldn't get enough of.

World Autism Day

Today marks the 5th year of World Autism Day. The CDC announced yesterday that 1 out of 88 children have it. I know that there are several children in my town who have it. Plus, my wonderful nephew, Oliver, has it.

I love you, Oliver, and hope to visit you again soon.
For more information on Autism, please visit: or