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Cool Ideas

My sister texted me last night and gave me a few blogs to look at. Just got done looking at them and a few others. Cool ideas I want to try. Tea cup bird feeder. Making your own cake pedestal using a decorative plate. Tree branch curtain rods. A ton of stuff I can't even remember.

But, I found a post on a blog I can't remember on where to buy fabric online. I have them written down. Excited to look at them. Hope to find some fabric. Oh, and I am now inspired to make an apron.

Also this weekend I ordered stuff for my iPhone and found an online store that I can get fels naptha. Yes I ordered from them too.

I am now excited to get some work done on house. Just waiting for daughter and her two kids to move out. We can't tear kitchen apart with them underfoot.

Kaydence Turns 1

Katie had a very good birthday party. She received tons of gifts and all the kids had a great time.

Enjoying the Grandkids

I have been enjoying my grandchildren these last couple of weeks. Kendra is learning so much. She says whole sentences now. If you can't understand her, she gets exasperated with you and gives up. I try my best though and usually figure it out. She loves to play games with you and joke around and psych you out.

Katie is a joy to be around as always. For me, anyway. lol. She is loving "walking" along holding my hands. She is getting braver and taking such big steady steps. She is constantly making me laugh.

Kaelynn is learning how to sit up by herself. She is getting jealous of the attention the others are getting and shrieks for her attention. She loves to laugh and eat. She loves food and wants what everyone is having.

I enjoy them even though I need a break. But, who doesn't need one.