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My First Wallet

I signed up for a craft exchange hosted by Craftaholics Anonymous. This is my 3rd summer participating. I choose this small organizing wallet to make for my partner. 
This is the first wallet I have made and I think it turned out well. I follow a blog called Sew Can She. They have many cool craft tutorials featuring different tutorials from other blogs. So, the pattern actually came from LBG Studio. Next time, I will know what I'm doing and will make a few changes. 

Front view.
Open view

Back view
Inside Left.
Inside Right.

The right pocket is just big enough to put a small memo pad in. Also the left side holds cards or whatever you would like. I think it's a really neat thing to have in your purse. One always needs paper for something and extra room for do-dads. Also, kids would love this. I'm going to make some more for the granddaughters.


This is just a little glimpse of my essential oils and how I organize them. My oil collection keeps getting bigger and bigger and I am always reorganizing. I love my oils!

 My droppers and glass roller bottles in the drawer. Also, a glimpse of my diffuser. 

My EO and fractionated coconut oil concoctions.
I have many roller bottle concoctions made up for my allergies, anxiety, headaches, and one for protecting me against germs. And this is not including all the cleaning products and skin care recipes I make. Plus, these oils can replace perfume. They smell great!!

I can make up a custom made essential oil remedy for you also. If you are interested; just email me at, and I'll let you know the details. 

Now Diffusing

Tonight I'm diffusing doTerra's Balance and Serenity together. I need to de-stress this weekend. It was my first week back full time at work and Friday was extremely stressful.

Yes, I use this brand of diffuser. Easy, light, and effective. 

Balance and Serenity is exactly what the stressed out person needs.  Why?

Balance is a Grounding blend.
Spruce Rosewood Frankincense Blue Tansy Fractionated coconut oil
Spruce is a woodsy smell that will keep you grounded and relaxed. Rosewood calms nerves and increases mental focus. Frankincense relives anxiety and has antidepressant properties (I will definitely be getting Frankincense by itself right off. lol). Blue Tansy helps with agitation, anxiety, frustration, depression, and irritability. Wow! 
This is mixed with fractionated coconut oil to help balance and mix the oils. You can use Balance for diffusing and / or using on the skin. I have done both. I try to rub Balance on my feet every morning and when I get home if I need so…