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I have discovered that Matthew, my youngest child, makes the best coffee. I had him make me a pot a lot this week since I have been sick. And now I'm going to ask him to do so a lot more. Like this morning for instance. Delish! Or maybe I'm still too sick to taste properly. Oh well, I am savoring it now.

Birthdays! My niece, Ilse's bday was the 26th; Mike and Jeremie had theirs yesterday the 27th. Today is my nephew Tanner's bday. Trisha bought her father a present but not her husband. lol. She said he didn't mind......I don't know about that. Mike was happy to get something since his wife doesn't ever think of him. lol. Out of all our kids, Trisha is the only one who makes sure she gives gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Mike is proud of her for trying to do something with her life. She has always been a go-getter. Now, how do I inspire the others.....

Falling Asleep

Kaelynn falling asleep on grandma's bed. Babysitting while mom & dad are at bowling alley.

V Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

This morning I am relaxing on the computer with a cup of coffee. I will make a pot roast dinner in my pressure cooker before I have to work at 3:30. I want it done before then so that I can take some to work for my supper. Because, you just know that hospital food is so tasty ;).

I managed to get some cleaning done this week and a steady dose of meds. Amazing! According to the scales, I have lost some more weight. I don't know how. I will see what the hospital scales say today. Home scales and hospital scales differ by like 3 pounds. I like my reading so much better.

I bought a new steam mop. Love it! It's so much easier than a regular mop and bucket. You don't have to shoo everyone out of the room and bar anyone from entering. lol. It cleans great and gets stuck on food off easily.

Not much is happening. Kendra is cuddling with me, finally! I have waited long enough. I love it. Kaelynn is just cooing away and reaching for things. Kaydenc…

Father & Daughter Valentine Gala

My brother, Steven, and his 3 year old daughter, Madelynne. She and Steven were both excited to attend and they both had a great time.


I have been trying to chill out these last 2 days listening to music and doing "things" on internet. I will eventually get up and do dishes and maybe a load of laundry sometime tonight....maybe.

Have work in morning. Hate getting up early in morning. I like to sleep in. Have succeeded in getting my refills for medication. Have been on them for 2 days. Hopefully, after a week, I will be able to think again and be easier to live with.

I need to think and plan to get this house ready for visitors in August for the family reunion. Need to organize family for cleaning (that's a laugh).

Well my mind needs to get back to Alanis.