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Kendra Turns 3

Here are some pics of my grandaughter, Kendra's 3rd birthday.
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Kaydence's 2nd Birthday!

Today was our Kaydence's 2nd birthday. I got to spend the afternoon and evening with her. We went to Walmart for party supplies and she was a good little girl. Then later for the party, she was good except toward the end when she was tired and didn't want to stay inside. She loves it outside and will stay out there forever. She loves to sing and dance and show off (when she's not mad about something lol).

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Aubree 3 Months Old

This is our sweet Aubree. She is 3 months old today. She loves it when people talk to her and walk her around. She loves singing also.

The State of the Union

So from the last post, you must think I have an unhappy marriage. That is wrong. I love my husband and feel there is no one else for me. It's true we have had a rocky marriage but there are plenty of good times also. Most of the problems are me and no I'm not an enabler and think everything is my fault.I say that because for years I have tried to make my life and marriage like what everyone else thought was right and proper. I have tried to change my husband into what I so desperately wanted in myself. It took 15 years before I finally got it. I finally came to the realization that I am so mad at him for not being the person I wanted myself to be. Because, if he was that person then it would be so much easier for me to be that person.

When I finally realized this, things began to change. And I really do think it was overnight. I decided to concentrate on the things I do love about him and accept him as he is. I decided to make time for him and his feelings and then in turn he d…


Recent events have me wondering again why women grovel and beg their no good mate to stay. Whatever the reason is for the leaving or putting up with the abuse is another matter. But the begging and groveling is really disgusting. We all like to believe that we have and never will do it. But, I think we all do it to a certain degree.
We cater to our mates every whim and likes. Even when they are assholes, we try all the harder to charm them. It's all to a different degree when your in your 20s; 30s; 40s, etc. By the time your kids have grown and are out of the house, you can finally concentrate on your mate, and again cater to their every need to make them happy. But, hopefully; by then your mate will reciprocate; which will result in a happy union.
But was it all worth it? I don't know the answer to that. It's hard watching your daughters go through this. I am sick to my stomach with worry for them. I give them all the proper advice. But, have they learned from me? I think s…

Recent Happenings

The last part of April was a crazy and scary time for this family. My daughter was very sick and almost died. Thank God we didn't wait any longer to take her to the ER. For her story, you can click here: lucky to still be alive.
In the meantime, my mother and I  have been making preemie hats to give to the NICU where my nephew, Oliver, was born in lieu of his birthday. My sister gathers up preemie supplies and donations every year for Oliver's birthday and personally gives them to the NICU. For her story, you can visit: Ollie's Story.
Not much else is happening. Just waiting for warmer weather to arrive; working; and trying to survive one day at a time. I am making garden plans as I have been forever. We will see if I actually get a garden this year. My dream this summer is to spend more time outside; master the grill; and drink margarita's; watch the grand kids laugh and play; and garden.