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Lazy Sunday

Sewed a little and finished Maddie's quilt top.

Here is Kendra posing with her "makeup" on last night.

Kaelynn dancing to Ozzy.

Grandaughter #5

Aubree Lynn Taylor arrived February 10, 2011 at 8:28 in the morning weighing in at 7 pounds and 10 ounces. She is such a cutie and is already trying to suck her thumb. She seems content and when she's awake, she is very alert. I love her so much!!

Here her sister, Kaydence, is meeting her for the first time. I hear she liked her as long as mommy was not holding her.

Quilt Top #5

This quilt is for my niece, Maddie. She requested a red quilt and this is what I had on hand. It's still in progress (as well as #3 and #4). I have to pick out the material for the border and backing. Then it's on to #6 and #7. After that, I will concentrate on the quilting process. Then I can start on my queen size railroad fence quilt. And somewhere in there, I need to find money and time for knitting.