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These pillows turned out to be the cutest ones I've made so far. They were for a gift. I wanted to keep them for myself.

Wordless Wednesday

Life Just Got Simpler!!

Not only did I just recently purchase a Kindle Reader, I am finally able to sync my Google Calendar with my iPhone calendar! This is awesome since there is now a notification center that I can swipe from any application and see my calendar events and reminders as well as other things. I am just loving this new OS5 update!! And now Blogger finally has an iPhone app!!! Life is grand (sometimes).


I love each of my granddaughters to pieces. They are just so darn cute and fun! When they are in a good mood that is. They have a strong personality already at 2 and 3 years old. My Aubree, at 8 months old is trying so hard to do everything the older ones are doing. Keith is 1.5 months old and is now smiling and has his eyes wide open to see this world.


Last night was Kendra's first time spending the night with me. I have tried to get her to at other times but she is so attached to her mother's hip. Since they moved out of my house in February, she has not really wanted to even come to my house to visit. I have gotten no hugs or kisses unless I have forced her to. But then her brother came along and her father has a job so now she can't go off with him anymore. So now, she has decided that her grandma is fun again and wants me to pick her up and visit my house again. I love it!
Last night she decided that she would spend the night. I really didn't think it was going to go well. I thought I would be having to drive her back home. But, it went great. After everyone left we did the dishes together; picked up the toys; had ice cream; and I gave her a bath. Then we came upstairs and watched Toy Story 3 until she fell asleep. No crying for her mother. Yeah!! But she did ask to talk to her on the phone. Then she decided she…