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Child #2

This is my daughter, Nathalie, who is 21. She is one of the sources of my grief; only because she lives with me with her 2 kids and boyfriend. So there is a lot of tension. But, I do love her!


I just updated my profile. Apparently, I forgot to mention that I was married and had a brother. Like anyone really cares! But, a blog serves the purpose of making you feel like you are important and like people really want to know all about your boring life. So.....along that note......

I have been married for 21 years and have been together for 27! Me and my husband can't believe that and neither can anyone else. But here we are. It has been a rough ride but great in the last few years. I still love him and he still drives my crazy (in more ways than one). lol. And I'm pretty sure he feels the same about me.

We have had great news this past week. We have waited a long time for this. So, if you are reading this, we definitely have room in our lives for 3 more!

Waking up from Nap

A Kodak Moment

Our 3 Grandbabies!

Kendra, 18 months
Kaydence, 7 months
Kaelynn, 2 1/2 months


It's rare that I have a Sunday off from work. So, I am just relaxing this morning, drinking my coffee and visiting with grandchildren for little bits of time on and off. Eventually, I will take a shower and do some laundry. I hope I will get around to making dish soap.

Dish soap? Yes, if you read my sisters blog, you will know that we are making homemade products. So, far I have made laundry soap, facial wipes, and baby wipes. The laundry soap I have been making since early summer. I love it and will not go back to commerical laundry products ever! My daughter makes her own stain remover and that works just like commerical brands. And for fabric softener, I use just plain old vinegar in the rinse cycle. After a run through the dryer, you don't even smell the vinegar. It has been working out well.

So, now I am on to dish soap. I have been wanting to do so for some time. Just never really had time. Renee has made it and loves it. So, I am going to try it hopefully today.

If you …

Grandpa & His Girls


I am feeling like a rotten grandmother but I do need a rest. I deal with babies all day long and to get away I have to go to my room. So, my daughter deals with it ALL day; but SHE had the 2 kids; it's her job. I did my time with 4 of my own. I would like to be a real grandmother and just see the kids for a couple of hours; spoil them to death and leave. Why can't it be like that?

Am I wrong? Selfish? Maybe? But, today I refused to watch the 3 month old tonight. I dealt with Katie all day long. She is attached to me at the hip. I love her to pieces but am tired. I try to give all 3 attention but it's hard. And my daughter thinks that I am neglecting her kids in favor of Katie. It might seem that way but she loves me to pieces and I her and we are very attuned to each other. She doesn't want anyone but me. Kendra just wants a quick kiss and hug and to be on her way. The 3 month old, I try to pay more attention to now but it's hard with Katie crying because she is no…

Kaelynn 12/12/09

Not a very good pic due to bad lighting but cute anyway.

Katie 7 Months Old

Such a Cutie Pie! She loves her grandma.