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Handmade Soap

I've been busy making soap! It seems all I can think about it soap, gathering ingredients, and finding time. My son says I'm obsessed. I guess so; since I just made my fourth batch.

I have been wanting to make soap for years but I was too afraid of the lye. Also, the cost of everything and finding everything was overwhelming. So, I'm at that point in my life where I've decided to just do what I want and I'll deal with the consequences (the consequences are all financial on my part). I choose to make Hot Processed Soap because I want it NOW. Not a month or two from now.

I can't remember when I started and figured I better start blogging about it before I forget what I have done and which recipe I used. As it is, I'm digging into the recesses of my mind (what there is of it).

My first batch of soap, I used this recipefrom the blogOne Good Thing From Jillee.  I had my youngest son help me and had him mix the lye up; so if anything happened it would happen to h…


I didn't think that I would be using the peppermint essential oil that I received in my introductory packet much; but, I was wrong. I have had many occasions to use it with success.

My son now reaches for it when he has a headache instead of a non-aspirin product. He loves the smell and says that it works. My daughter said it instantly makes your headache feel better.

I have used it to open my airways up when I had a cold. Last night my 3 year old granddaughter spent the night with us and all she did was cough. I put a drop on the bottom of each foot and her chest. I swear she didn't cough for 2 hours and could breath better. She went right to sleep also.

Peppermint is also good for nausea. I haven't had to use it for that yet. Here is a link for 33 different ways to use peppermint essential oils. (Please, if you are going to use it for cooking and food; use only doTerra because you are assured certified pure therapeutic grade [CPTG]).…

Essential Oils

I love essential oils. I first started dabbling with them when I started making my own cleaning products. My favorite is lavender and tea tree oil. I think I really like lemon now too.  Also, lemongrass. Oh darn, I want them all!

So, it was a great surprise when I discovered doTerra essential oils. Now my love for EOs will take on another new level. Why? because doTerra essential oils are CPTG  (Certified, Pure, Therapeutic Grade). These means they are so pure that you can actually ingest them and use them for healing your body.

I ordered the introductory packet which consists of lemon, lavender, and peppermint essential oils. I have used a couple of drops of lemon in my herbal tea when I had a cough. It was very good and soothing. I used a couple of drops of peppermint on my feet and chest when I was congested. I swear my sinuses opened right up all night long. Of course, I used the lavender and lemon in my cleaning sprays. You can actually tell the difference in doTerra versus othe…