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Adventures in Sock Knitting

Day 1:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Went to my local craft store and bought some sock yarn and double pointed needles. Already had a pattern to try. Already read and reread pattern and watched youtube videos for a month about socks.

Later that night. Casted on my 64 stitches over and over again. Divided them on 3 needles over and over again. Why over and over again? Because I'm and idiot and kept making mistakes. Never used such small needles and such thin yarn. Finally, got past row 2 of stitches. Put it up for the night as my eyes were crossed.

Day 2:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Grandkids came over. Later that night discovered granddaughter messed me up and lost some stitches. Ripped out and started over a couple of times. Finished row 2 and put it up.

Day 3:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Continued working on cuff at work.

Day 4:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Continued working on the cuff. Took picture of my proud work. Posted it all over the internet. Started the stockinette stitch for a c…

Southern Sweet Tea

I can't remember how I stumbled upon this website for the tea; it was most likely Pinterest. Why I didn't pin it; I don't know. But I did print it out. Just made it now. Very good and very sweet! This will be my recipe from now on. Thank you Lana for posting this simple but tasty recipe for us Northerners.

Book Recommendation

I recommend every person should read this whether just married; or married for a while; or even contemplating marriage. We all need to know how the other gender thinks and why they act or don't act the way they do. Let's face it; we only know what our own gender thinks and feels and does.

Understanding your better half better and learning about how they "tick" is half the battle of marriage. It has taken me 24 years to ACCEPT the differences between men and woman. And I only wish that I had accepted it sooner and I would have saved myself a lot of problems.

The female gender likes to think that marriage is 50/50 or that is the ideal. But, that is BULL. I sure don't put in 50 percent of anything in any given day. I slack on my wifely duties; my motherly duties; my housework duties; etc. And my husband sure does also. We like to think they can read our minds and if they agree with certain things then why don't they just do what we want them to do the EXACT WAY …


This is what I felt like after work today. It's what I feel like and look like when people are all at me at the same time demanding things from me relentlessly without any regards to me and my plans. If you are asking me to help you out and take you somewhere, then by god, it will be on MY terms and when I can fit you in! Not the other way around. And please don't spring things on me last minute. This is why I seem like a bitch and blow up in your face. I can only take so much. And yes; 2 of my family members have been told repeatedly. So, I really don't feel bad about my behavior.

Suzy Homemaker

On Tuesday, I made supper, baked chocolate banana bread, and shopped, etc. etc. I don't make supper often because my kids are grown and I work the evening shift several nights a week. Plus, on my day off, I'm just plain tired and have too much other stuff to do. I usually just throw something in the crockpot if I do cook. But then it was my Treat Day at work. We just started this at work. Once a month a co-worker in our department brings in a treat. It was my day on Wednesday so I HAD to bake something. Plus, my husband took out some meat so I HAD to cook it also.

Anyway, I got the chocolate banana bread recipe from Pinterest. My coworkers loved it! So did I and it was easy. Which if I'm cooking or baking, EASY is a requirement.


I bought social media icons from Moxie Tonic and gave her the link to my blog. This is what she posted on Facebook. I really don't know what she means by "great" and "unexpected". 

Moxie Tonic A great and unexpected blog. Thanks for sharing your link, Michelle
Not Your Average Granny

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