Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Soothing Salve

Not Your Average Granny presents to you:

 Soothing Salve

2 ounces
plus tax & shipping & handling 

Made with extra virgin olive oil infused with fresh herbs for 8 weeks or more. Then melted with beeswax and essential oils. I have been using it for a while now. I have used it on my eczema, scratches, bug bites. and my recent tattoo. Works great and smells very very good. Packaged in 2 ounce tins.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Conflicting Feelings

My fingers are itching to type and my mind is in overdrive again. It's scary to pour your heart out. But, I did get a good response on my last post. The response was on Facebook. I really really wish people would comment on the blog post itself also :)

Well, maybe I should explain why I am so upset with religion??

Religion specifically Christianity;

We are taught:

  • To be separate from the world; to not mix and mingle with the world; if you do you will be influenced by them for the bad
  • To just listen to God's laws and if you don't you are a problem
  • That we are not to believe in rituals and spiritualism  
  • To listen to God and not ourselves; we just can't be trusted
  • To look down on people who are not us or who think and act differently (yes, I hear your protests that this is not so)
  • That we are sinners who can never measure up 

Why is this bothering me so?

  • It has caused me nothing but anxiety attacks and low self-esteem
  • It has inhibited me from further progressing; my mind has never expanded
  • I have never been able to come to terms with myself and change my behaviors despite a lifetime of conditioning
  • I have never felt me; always feeling like an impostor
  • Despite desperate prayers to God and trying oh so hard to think of him as a father, I have never been able to have a relationship with him; believe me I have tried over and over.
  • I have just gotten angrier and angrier and more and more rebellious. I just want to be me without being judged. 
What has worked more me:

  • Opening my mind to energy healing
  • Reiki - a form of energy healing. (This has opened my mind up and helped with thinking in terms of energy and think more profoundly with Jesus and what he actually was. Not what we have been taught. I have also had some insights over the years about Jesus that was shocking - yes, they came from my own brain at various times while reading the Bible).
  •  Quieting my mind
  • Accepting myself as I am with all my flaws; coming to terms with why I act the way I do. It has been disturbing and painful at times to learn. 
  • Questioning ideas and old stories that have been taught to me and my ancestors throughout the centuries.
  • Trusting that I do have power. My thoughts are powerful and attract what I think about. Good or bad. 
  • Accepting that there are non physical beings who are here guiding us if we would only listen. The Abraham Teachings has helped me trust the Universe more fully and put my mind at ease.
  • Meditating
  • Chakra healing.
  • Mantras
  • Rituals
This is the only thing that has ever quieted my mind and helped to such a great degree. And if you think about it; it's what we have been taught to stay away from. So, Why? Why have we been taught that what really works we must stay away from? The answer is simple to me. 

This is been my experience. I am sure yours has been different or the same. Please accept that we all have different experiences and deal with things differently. 

Feel free to express your thoughts. 

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Early this morning we had an eclipse of the moon. It was a full moon and the eclipse turned the moon red. I have been noticing the effects of the moon on my body and mood since September when I had a return of my panic attacks. I finally feel that I've conquered that with the help of meds and meditations. Lot's of meditation, relaxing music, plenty of spiritual reading, and soul searching. 

Everything is energy. Even us. So when I get anxious and nervous now, I try to remember that it's just energy. That what I'm feeling is the energy in me and all around me. I'm fine and everything is okay and as it should be. I take deep breaths and make sure I work on clearing my chakras everyday and do my meditations at night. I want to get off the meds, but my intuition is telling me to wait until I am whole. I don't feel whole quite yet. But, everyday things are getting better. I'm feeling a calmness and serenity in me. I'm feeling happier and more joyful everyday.

Yesterday, I ran into someone from my past religion who told me that we are so close to The End and we are being prepared. So, my old anxiety started to creep in. But, I nipped that in the bud right off. I calmly and rationally talked myself down with logic and reason.

The End has been warned for centuries with all kinds of doomsday timetables and scare tactics by religion. There is energy and something is going to happen. But, The End?? The End of Life??

No. The end of an age maybe. We don't know and can't help what's going to happen. We are all going to die. Be it in The Great Tribulation or Armageddon. An earthquake or a flood. A car accident or from a heart attack. Or anything in between.

Fact: The universe is here. The universe is energy and is expanding since the beginning of everything as we know it. We are here. We are energy. We are molecules that seem to be presented to us as human and things as matter. We have a mind that creates. We attract what we think. What we attract will be. Yes, there is creation. Yes, there is evolution. Yes, there is a creator. Yes, we are creators also.

Do we have to have religion? Is there only one right religion? Is religion just something we made up? Do we even need it anymore? We don't know. We only know what we think is right. What we feel is right. What someone scared us into or attracts us to. Everyone has their own ideas and thoughts. We all form our groups of like conscience thinking and think everyone must conform to what we think we know is right.

Religion has been the cause of just about everything that is wrong with this world. You can disagree all you want. But, if you truthfully search your soul, you will acknowledge that You feel superior to others. You are in the only right religion and everyone else is wrong and not going to heaven or whatever you believe. Blah, blah, blah.

I believe Jesus was an enlightened soul who had tapped into some energy and used that to help the people. But, I also believe that as religion always does when they want to convert someone, they integrate a popular belief in their doctrine. Jesus was not going to go away. So lets just say he was gods son and that he died for our sins. Let's just work that into our belief that there is a heaven and a hell and a judgement coming because we are all so darn sinful. The devil is roaming the earth. Blah, blah, blah.

Now lets rethink this. If there is a God and he is love, would he put us here to suffer to such degrees? Would he keep everything so darn secret and only a few select could be saved? Would he make us in his image and then punish us for being us?

Or is there some reason that we created this idea of god, the devil, heaven and hell, sinning, judgement, etc, etc? Is religion now archaic and serves no purpose? Did we need religion then to help us evolve to this present state for some reason? Are we now on the verge of a higher and more enlightened way of thinking?

Am I making any sense? LOL. Probably not to you. But in my mind I make sense.

Fact: Something created us. We are creators. We create good vibrations and bad vibrations. We attract what we send out: Good or Bad.

How about we just start raising our vibrations by thinking about joy and happiness and love. How about we just accept people as they are instead of trying to change them into something we think will make us feel better. Start loving and accepting and seeing the good and positive gifts that everyone of us has inside of us. Think in abundance and continue to create that which brings us true joy. Respect the earth and universe and the source of energy.

Believe that we do have some control and power over things. Most of all power to heal ourselves and become aligned with nature and source energy. We have the power to feel better, to be in better health, to have in abundance. Let's start using that power to change how we live.

We have to change ourselves before anything else can be changed. It will not be changed with resistance and fighting. Only acceptance and Love.

The universe has been expanding all along. Are we going to expand? Is our conscience mind now going to expand beyond the idea of religion? One can only imagine. 

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