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I Want That

I have this talent. Yes, I decided it was a talent just now. Whatever I finally set my attention on getting, I get. It has happened this way my whole life. I want a lot of things. But, when I finally decide to set my attention and intention on one thing. I get it with ease. I don't know how because at first it seems impossible. But, someway and somehow I get it. Love it!!


My mom and dad split up when I was 9 years old. The marriage was pure hell for them and me. Yes, me! I had to hear my mom crying late at night because my father was out after work doing god knows what. (Well, we know cheating was going on). When he was around it was pure hell. I walked on eggshells and was sick to my stomach most of the time. My father acted like he just hated my mom. I didn't feel like he liked me much either. I was the only reason that they even got married.

There was so much fighting, crying, and my mother had breakdowns, and I had to hear my father force my mother into sex acts. It was all quite sickening. So when he did leave for good, it was a relief! Although, I was pissed at them both.

Why the hell did they even get married? It was the end of the 60s and my father grew up with strict religious parents who instilled in him that if you knock a girl up; you marry her. So, that's what he did. And that was so NOT the right thing to do. Although, if he didn…

Handmade Gift Exchange, Summer 2012

As per a recent post, I mentioned that I was in a craft exchange that ended June 30. For more information on that exchange, you can see the side icon for the link. I participated in last summer's exchange and this time it was a little different. Instead of just 2 partners that were paired up, there was one person to make a gift for and another person that made a gift for you. 
This is the gift that I received from Crystelle. It's a slip case for my Kindle.  I have been wanting to make a case for my Kindle since the fall and now I don't have to. Thanks, Crystelle, I love it!!

I choose to sew a little bag for my giftee, Lorisa.  This was the first time I ever made a bag and was quite pleased with the results. I took it to work with me and everyone just loved it and now wants me to sell them some bags. I found the pattern on the internet. 

I now have made several bags for my granddaughter's and for an auction for our family reunion coming up.  Also, Crystelle and Lorisa …

Happy or Not?

I recently received an email about my last post stating that I don't seem very happy. lol. Sorry, folks, I just talk more and rant when I'm upset about something. But, I promise, I have plenty of laughs and good times.

I love my life with my husband, adult kids, and grandchildren. They do annoy me lots of times. Work annoys me also. People too. I'm more upset these days and at that stage where I don't care who knows it or what I say. (okay, that stage has been forever). But, the last 6 months I have not been able to contain myself at work. Which is getting to be a big problem.

Since July 1st, I have been doing regular sessions with Reiki which has helped tremendously. I have been happier, more at peace with myself, more confident, and actually nice to people and concerned about them at work. I feel more back to myself in the work situation. I'm confident, that in time, I will be nicer at home too. I can change my life! And I will! I will find my calling that will ma…


To spank or not to spank? And let me clarify that spanking and abuse are two different things. Apparently, some people do not get that at all. And someone on Twitter called me a child abuser. Hmmm? A couple of cracks on the butt using your hand is abuse? Jeez! I used to get a spanking with a bare ass and a belt or a switch from the yard that I had to pick myself. And it wasn't a couple of swats either.

Well, for some reason this is truly bothering me this time. I usually pay people no mind about their opinions and can let it go with no problem. But, have instead been carrying on a hateful dialog that is never going to go anywhere or change anyone's mind. Much like every other subject in life. Do I feel like I was an abused child? No, I don't feel that way. 

So, why is it bothering me now. Maybe the spankings I had when a child have affected me more than I know. Maybe this has stunted my emotional growth and have caused me to have low self esteem and depression all my life…