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Natural light.

Artificial light.

Close up.
This quilt is for my sweet grandaughter, Kaelynn Nicole.

Maddie Turns 4

Here she is in her new dress that Grandma Jeanne got her. She got a new bike and scooter which is what she has been asking for.


Kendra eating spaghetti o's for lunch with grandmas apron.

Kendra Turns 2!

I can't believe my first grandchild turned 2 already. Her birthday was May 31st on Memorial Day. She sure is learning so much. Her new words this week were "duhusting" translation: disgusting and "cuse me" excuse me. She no longer resembles a baby lol. Actually, she hasn't in a long while. She is quite attached to her "papa" and me. We love her like crazy!

Late at Night

It's 1:05 am on an early Thursday morning. I worked until midnight and am up late as usual. It's nice and quite and there is rain falling outside. I have been messing with my blog design all day. Before work, during work, and after work. I know, I am always tiring of the same 'ole, same 'ole. I get very bored easily. It's very annoying. I am bored with work, bored at home, bored with the same damn routine.

On a happy note, my son finally remembered where he lives. I think he was gone almost 2 weeks. In that respect, he is like his father. I didn't think he took after him in any way but; I can say that in that way he does. It wasn't unusual to go for weeks before you would hear from him. Thank God, he isn't like that now. Now my son is doing it. Actually, he has been doing it for some time. Oh, and on his adventure, he caught a fish in his bare hands while swimming with friends at the lake. He even stopped long enough to take a picture of it and text it …