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Who is this Crazy Girl?

This is my crazy 4 year old niece, Maddy. She went to a BOCES event for breast cancer on Saturday. This is what she came back looking like.
All smiles.

Back view of her hair.

This is her crazy face. She loves to make faces like this when someone takes a picture of her.

She is practicing writing her letters and name. She is getting good.

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Me and my mom received an unexpected surprise the other day. MATERIAL! Now that may seem boring to some, but; to us, it's wonderful :-)

Here is a piece of material to make hankies. My mom is excited about that.

Here is the material neatly stored away. We plan on quilting and making aprons. And whatever else strikes us.
So I'm sitting here in the waiting room at the dentist office listening to Pat Benatar and a stupid teenage girl talking while she's filling out her paperwork. I must say, I broke out laughing a couple of times.
So after my son gets done here, I am heading to Staples to get a pattern enlarged. Then I am off to Joann Fabrics and will look for sewing "tools" to begin an apron. And of course, I will "ooh" and "awh" over things and Matthew will be bored out of his mind. He probably will not go in with me.
Hope everyone has a relaxing day. I am enjoying mine. After a night of hell at work, I think I deserve it.
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Kaelynn Turns 1

My beautiful little girl turned 1 September 26th.

Here Mommy is trying to get her to blow her candle out.

Enjoying her cake.

Playing with cousin Maddie.
We all had pizza, cake, and ice cream with the family. Just a small gathering but it was nice. Kaelynn got plenty of presents and was delighted to be the center of attention for a change. She is such a dainty, quite, cute little girl.

What's New??

Sorry my fellow (non-existent) readers for not posting lately. I've been extremely busy with everyone. It has been a week from hell. Appointments every day with me, Matthew, Trisha, Nathalie and grandkids. Along with taking Maddie to school and working and dealing with everyone's BS.
I'm sure glad that yesterday is over with. I was dreading that day at work. New computer system with only 3 hours of training that equaled one hour (or maybe 1/2 hr.) due to computer illiterate co-workers. But, it didn't go nearly as bad as I had envisioned. Except, I didn't get to take a shower due to an emergency ER visit with my son, Michael. Yes the same ER I have to look at at work.
Don't know what is wrong with Michael. They did every test they could do and everything looked fine. PA suggested getting an EEG (?) done (which they don't do at our hospital). But, wait.....I need to see about getting him medical insurance. This is only about the 4th time I've had to take hi…