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Pillow Making

The whole entire month of June and into July, I have been making pillows. I seen this pillow pattern and had to make it. You can see the picture of the pillow I made in my last blog post below. When my grandaughter, saw the pillows that I was making she just had to have one. So, I found another pattern (here) that was more kid friendly and easier to make and made all 6 of the grandchildren a pillow plus one extra for a prize for my daughters baby shower. 

I made 2 pillows for the gift exchange and 2 for a friends birthday, plus 2 practice pillows that I am keeping and am partial to even though they are filled with flaws. Now these pictured. I'm all pillowed out now but have to make more. My daughters want some and I have to make one for my niece. She loves to be included in everything.
When I gave my 3 year old grandaughter her pillow this evening, she was happy, but wanted to know where her blanket is. She is under the impression that I am making her one. I don't know where she…

Handmade Gift Exchange, Summer 2011

I recently participated in a Handmade Gift Exchange in the month of June. I read about it from the blog:
Linda has been hosting this event for a number of years now. This was the first that I have heard of it and thought it would be fun.  When you sign up and participate, she pairs you up with a gift partner. You then make a gift and have it sent by the deadline. Your partner does the same. You can email your partner and maybe become friends if your lucky. Also, Linda hosts this event twice a year. The next one is in November so I'm sure that one will have plenty of Christmas items exchanged.

I am very happy to have received my gift in the mail today. Here is what my partner sent to me:

Below is the gift that I sent to my partner:

I hope that she liked it.
I also made a set of pillows for a friend's birthday but I forgot to take a picture of them. They are the same pattern just different material. The pattern came from another blog:


Birthday Wish

Question #5 of Summer Blogging Camp.

What do you prefer to do on your birthday?
The answer to that is simple: NOTHING. I would like to stay in bed all day watching Lifetime movies while everyone serves me all day. I might get up and leave the house IF I were to get a massage, pedicure, haircut or go out to dinner.

Aubree 5 Months Old Today

Adult Revelations...

So, it's question number 4 for Summer Blogging Camp.

I say question number 4 because I joined in late and can't commit to an everyday thing.

What has most surprised you about being an adult? What have you learned about yourself through blogging?

When I was a kid/teen, I thought I would have FREEDOM and would be able to do what I want when I wanted. Yes, in my last post, I stated that I do just that. I do for the most part but there are lots of days when I just can't. But, I am learning to just say no to people. Which is hard because I feel terrible saying NO to my mother and daughters. But, damn, I need a break to do my own thing.
So, I have learned that I can't do whatever, whenever. Which sucks! But that is the life of an adult. Also, I didn't expect to learn "wisdom" so late. I thought I would magically be "wise" and know about life at a certain age. I am still waiting for that to happen. But, I do know more that I did when I was a teen (thank th…

Guilty Pleasures??

Day 3 of Blogging Summer Camp:

What are your guilty pleasures?
I waste time just about everyday on the Internet. I have to catch up on Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Email, and look for new patterns to make. This could take a couple of hours. If I decide to change my blog around (colors, background, header, adding things) then that could take a couple of more hours. Also, darling daughter number 1 has me proofread her blog and change things. I say this is a waste of time only because it takes away from me sewing, knitting, visiting with my family, cleaning, doing errands, etc. So basically, I am a procrastinator.
But, guilty, no, I don't feel guilty. Eating chocolate; no guilt. Enjoying my husband; no guilt. Wasting time; no guilt. Spoiling my grand kids; no guilt. Recently taking up a few drinks a couple of times a week; no guilt. Wasting my time sewing, knitting, reading; no guilt. I do what I want when I want. Always have. Always will.
If I had the money, I would be getting pedi…

Day 2 of Summer Blog Camp

So, I missed a day, whatever....

Day 2 -What were you like in high school? What extracurricular activities, if any, did you take part in during high school? Did you consider yourself a writer?

So right away I see that the new blogger in draft sucks!! I can't seem to format my words; so ignore all formats.
What was I like in high school?...........hmmmm...........
I was quiet and kept to myself. But, I was not a good girl. I smoked in the bathrooms and in gym class on the track. Yes, I got caught plenty of times but that did not stop me. The principle was pretty lenient. They would confiscate my smokes, give me detention, and at the end of the day the principle would give me back my cigs. So no big deal.  For other punishment, I got in-school suspension which didn't bother me because I could get all my school work done in one day and then do what I wanted after school. And if it was for several days then I could read my books all day. Also, I got suspended for 3 to 5 days seve…

Blogging Summer Camp

I just read about a virtual summer camp for blogs and thought it would be fun so here goes:
Day 1 – Provide a photo or sketch or dramatic rendering of the space where you normally blog:
Since I am definitely NOT providing a photo or sketch of where I blog, I will just have to write a dramatic rendering of the space where I blog.
Imagine this: an old creaky, crookedly house so ugly you can't even stand it. Walls are uneven and an icky color. I have no money to do hardly anything to the house. The kitchen is currently being remodeled so the rest of the house has to wait. So since the house is small I have my desktop computer in my bedroom. Yes, a desktop because I hate laptops. I'm a typist and laptops are just very annoying. I need an actual mouse also.
So here I sit in my room with green walls that I dream of changing to a sandy beige and I will have light sea green and brown accents pieces. Sometimes I dream of yellow walls or anything I see in a magazine. So I can spend hours …