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Windows Phone Review

Last month I received a Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone. I received this by using my upgrade and used the buy one/ get one free deal they had going on.

My experience as well as my daughter's was pure HELL! As former iPhone users for the last 4 years, we found the phone to be big, heavy, and difficult to understand. And to make things harder, it was no easy task to transfer contacts, notes, and impossible to transfer our iTunes music.

It took me all night to transfer the pics. I had to sync them all to my computer and then transfer them into my new phone. This proved to be the easiest task by far.

Then it was a most inconvenient thing to transfer contacts. Without contacts, you phone is pretty much useless. I had to back up my contacts to the Apple Cloud and then go to that program and export my contacts and save the file to my computer. Then I had to use my Hotmail to import the contacts so that they would show up on my new phone.

For my notes, I was using the built-in note program o…