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Showing posts from July, 2008

2 Months Old

Miss Kendra Emily is 2 months old today. She rolls over, coos, and laughs. She loves her swing that vibrates and plays music. She recognizes her grandpa and grandma also. We all love her including Matt and Mike.

Maddie's 1st Trip to Library

Maddie's first library books. She was very good at the library. She got two books which I picked out because there was too much to look at and she occupied herself with puzzles instead. I had to read Maisey's Train about 30 times until she fell asleep for her nap.

Uncle Time

Smiling at Uncle Matthew. Will be 8 weeks old tomorrow.

Back Massager in Training

Maddie massaging grammy's back. It was her who told me take a picture. She thinks all attention should be on her alone.

Model in Training

Miss Maddie at grams today. She wanted me to take a picture of her and her bear.

Oswegatchie River

This is the Oswegatchie River here in Gouverneur taken off our new bridge by my house. Oswegatchie is an Indian name meaning "Black Water."

First Time Babysitting

Taken July 14, 2008. I babysat her for the first time alone so that her mommy and Aunt Trish could go get pedicures. She was very good for me.

With Uncle Matt

Taken right after bath time July 2, 2008