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Blogging on a Sunday Morning

Lol. Lionel Richie has a song, "Easy on a Sunday Morning." How lame, right? I know, I know.

Well, I really can't remember what this week was like. I must have blocked it from my mind, as usual. I remember feeling mad, pissed, upset, and accomplished, dissatisfied, and satisfied....hmmmm.....

I had Monday and Tuesday off from work, so I was able to get the kitchen cleaned up and the laundry did get caught up for one day at least. I worked Wednesday evening and came home to a mess of a kitchen. I proceeded to do the dishes up so that I wouldn't have to deal with it on Thursday morning. Was off Thursday so was able to keep things reasonable. Worked Friday morning so was able to keep kitchen cleaned that day. I worked Saturday evening and what do you know.....I came home to a mess/disaster of a kitchen. So, I was pissed! Still am. I am refusing to clean the kitchen. There is no reason for this. My kids are LAZY!!

Mike and I agreed we need to have a talk with the rest of …


I love my two sisters. It is funny...I didn't like them much when I was a kid.  Then I was close to one and not the other. Then sometime after when my kids were growing up I became close to the other also. It was like I never knew her before and how could I have not known these things about her. I was amazed that we liked the same things and had plenty in common. And we "talk" all the time since the invention or popularity of instant messaging on computer in the early 90s. First ICQ then AIM and now text messages. Plus we talk, email, and blog constantly. Now, I only wish I could get the other to open up to me. I don't know what happened. We still talk but not like we used to.

Kaelynn at 4 Months

Our "KK" turned 4 months old on the 26th.

Day 3 of 3 Days Off

I managed to make the muffins with squash in them. Delish! Will be making then again. Made the pork roast, baked potatoes, and corn for dinner. All made to perfection! Got dishes done and visited with Katie, Trish, and my mom. Nathalie and the kids came home. Good day!Here is my mom and Katie.

Another Day

Well, my new laundry soap recipe finally caked up into a "powder" after 24 plus hours. Now, hopefully I can use it soon to see how it is. Trisha usually brings her laundry here every Monday; but, for some reason she didn't this week. Maybe she will bring it tomorrow.

So, once again, I didn't get everything done that I wanted today. But, what do I expect. I didn't get up until noon as usual. But,  I did get the squash cooked in prepration for the muffins. This was the first time that I have ever made squash. I have never liked it. But, I am trying to eat healthier. Well, it was easy to cook and when smothered in butter and salt was actually good. I shared some with Katie and she loved it also. So, I saved what I needed for the recipe that I will try to make tomorrow. The rest we had for supper tonight. I just might have squash on a regular basis now. Amazing!

I also made the cookies and am undecided about that. It took so long to make. We will see if it satisfies my…


Well I used a new recipe for laundry soap today. Not sure if I like it or not. First, it didn't make much and second, it's taking a long time for it to cake up into a "powder." I made it specifically for Katie and her sensitive skin. So, I'm not too concerned with quanity. I will see how it is tomorrow and when I wash her clothes with it. Instead of the castile soap, I used olive oil soap. Here is the link to that recipe.

Meanwhile, I made up a batch of my usual laundry recipe. This is easy and doesn't take much time. Plus, I make a double batch and don't have to worry about making more for approximately 1.5 to 2 months. Which I like alot.

Today, was a so-so day. I got the laundry soap made but didn't get all the dishes done. Didn't get a shower in either. But I did go to store to get the ingredients for the cookies and muffins I w…

Katie 8 Months Old

Katie turned 8 months on January 11th. Here she is playing "Patta Cake." Such a happy baby!

Latest Phone App

My newest iPhone app. Black & white photos. Love it!

Christmas Pics

So Cute :-)