Monday, January 20, 2014

Update on New Year, New Me

If any of you have been following this blog, you know that it has gone through many transformations, and myself as well. What I have come to realize is that life is a continuous process of change and recreating things. So, I'm okay with it now.

Also, I have changed my mind about going part-time in my employment. I really, really, need the money. I know I won't be happy with less. So, I have decided to change my attitude and my views on things. And it has helped. Just as I changed my views on my husband many many years ago. It has helped tremendously.

I think that I am really struggling with and at odds with myself. I thought I had accepted myself, but I was still holding back and afraid to show my true self. I know that is hard to believe. But, I have censored myself quite a bit. Oh no, you say. Oh well, I say. I really do think profoundly about things and do not dare say them to people for fear that you will think I'm crazier than you already do.

I have decided that even though I am no writer by any means, I need to go back and make blogging my main focus and start telling you all about these profound things.

I'm still going to be making my products and selling them because I like to create them. It's fun.

So this year it's dealing with stress. Which is mainly in my head. Acceptance. Being a better person to myself. Not hiding myself. And that WILL trickle down to being a better person to you all. A better wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, and sister. But, I still need my space. And this will all take time. Things don't happen overnight.

I know this is a challenge. But, I have just learned that I am so tired and angry at myself. I need to stop resisting so much.

I hope you all stay with me. I will still be posting DIY products, recipes, etc. Has anyone else gone through this also? Feel free to tell if you dare.

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