Monday, December 9, 2013

I Am One With The Universe

I just participated in an amazing healing session. The first amazing thing was that My question was the first one they answered. My name went out to the Universe! I was shocked!! My question was something like this:

I have always felt like there was something I should be doing with my life that I haven't been doing. I have felt blocked all my life. How do I find out what it is that I'm supposed to be doing?



Ask myself what makes my heart sing? What brings me joy? Follow my bliss. That is my purpose. It doesn't have to be a big thing. A grand thing. It can be a simple thing. What matters in my life? If I find that I will be in alignment with joy.

So what does that really mean?

My job does not make me happy. I feel stuck. Also, I found out that most creative people find a 9 to 5 job too restrictive. I find this to be true in my case. I feel stuck. Like I'm locked up and can't be myself. I don't think I'm creative though.

But, I do long to create my products. This morning I nearly drove past my work thinking about body butter and measurements. lol. Crazy!? But, that is what makes me happy. Herbs and essential oils make me happy. Nature makes me happy. A slow life that allows you to take time to smell the roses, think, contemplate, and think of things greater than yourself makes me happy. Time to focus on family members and helping them out without getting so stressed of pleasing everyone but yourself. That's what I want. Now how is this going to make me money to live?

Apparently, things will start flowing to me. lol. Sounds nuts. But, basically, it's positive thinking. I go to the health food store and talk about what I'm making with the ingredients that I buy from them. They are amazed. They invite me to teach a class. One thing leads to another and another. They start stocking up on things and containers and are excited and talk about it with others who in turn get excited. It's a simple thing really. But, we are all so disconnected from the basics of life that we forget that our ancestors made their own laundry soap, cleaners, and medicinal salve.

Maybe my bliss is to teach people the basics of life. When times were simpler. Yes, times have always been hard. But, life was slowed down then. It wasn't fast paced. You had time to recover and comes to terms with things. You were healthier in the fact that you ate pure food and got plenty of exercise. You worked for yourself (if you weren't a slave) and therefore were more satisfied. You had time for family and spiritual things. You naturally recycled everything and nothing was wasted. You made homemade gifts for people. You had time for the kids. Time to teach them real life lessons. Time to enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life. That is happiness.

So somehow by following this bliss, I WILL find my way. I don't have to have a traditional job to survive. I don't have to take everyone's advice on how to live my life.

A college education and a high paying job will not bring you happiness. Even with a college degree, you are lucky to find a high paying job. They are few and far between. Plus, we will be in high debt before we even begin a job. But, we have always been taught to work hard, educate ourselves, find a good job. That is the ticket to happiness. That is the American Way. Did that really bring anyone happiness. No, I think not.

I have lived in California, Illinois, North Carolina, and Upstate New York, I have always had the same problems in every state. Not enough money. Not being happy. I always ended up back in New York State. Why? Because of family. Life is hard no matter where you go. So, why not be with family. Family is what matters.

I am college educated. And I'm still paying for my loans 16 years later. I am no where near paying them off. Am I better for it. Somewhat. I feel smart and capable. But, I don't have a high paying job. Or even a secure job. There is no secure jobs anymore. So you might as well find your own bliss and follow it. Live life on your own terms. Stop letting society dictate how you should live your life. Stop letting belief systems of family and ancestors dictate how you lead your life.


Unless of course, your bliss is to hurt people. Then get some serious help fast.

I do believe I am here for my grandchildren. I have a deep connection with them and they bring me such happiness. I really understand them. And I'm afraid that they have inherited my bad ways. Maybe I am here to help them, accept them, love them. Of course I am.

I am one with the Universe. I respect the Universe. I believe we are here for a purpose. And that is to treat one another with respect and love. Respect nature and have a deep sense of spirituality. There is something greater than us. Also, we do have power as Jesus said. It's very interesting the parallels between Jesus and spiritual belief systems before Christianity. And then think of the way Christianity has incorporated all the pagan beliefs and made them Christian. Perhaps the same thing happened with Jesus. He was definitely something different. Something never before seen. You can't deny him. So why not make him Christian. This might be blasphemy. But, I have been thinking about it for years.

Oh well, something else deep to think about. I have always thought so hard about the universe and God even when I was a kid. It scared me to death. I think I had panic attacks then. hmmm.

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