Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Favorite Drinking Glasses

I'm quite found of empty jars for drinking glasses. I do like Mason Jars also; but these are recyclable and didn't cost me anything except the food that was in them. My favorites are the small pizza sauce jar (not spaghetti), salsa jars, and small jelly jars. 

Also, when the grand kids break them; who cares, there is more where that came from. I have been doing this for years. When my rustic kitchen gets finished (cough, cough), they will fit right in. The counter in the picture is my new counter top. I'm only going to have nice plates, bowls, and mixing bowls. The rest can all be mismatched. I'm not fussy (too much). 

Who loves jars?

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Renee' said...

So very awesome, sis! I too have a love affair with drinking from jars of all kinds...have for years. Some others think I'm wacky for it, but I don't care.

Michele ODonnell said...

Good! I don't care either. I love them. We need to live closer together.