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DIY Astringent

How was your Sunday? Mine was very relaxing the first part of the day. Got up early and even made breakfast (which is very unusual). I tried really hard to get everything done on Saturday so that today was a lazy day. Everything was going good until I had a hankering for seeing the grand kids. Of course, the 5 year old just had to come to my house and then I just had to pick up the 4 year old at the other daughters house. We spent the afternoon at various playgrounds after the 5 year old helped me set up and pose for these pics. She even took the pics. Love them to pieces! Although, I am now exhausted. 

This summer has wrecked havoc on my complexion. I have always had a problem with acne. Finally, in my 40s, my face calmed down with only occasional flair ups. Melaleuca has always helped. But this summer it's flaring up again. Ugh!! Earlier this month, I ran across this recipe from CampWander. 

Instead of using it as a spray. I decided to make astringent pads. Even made up a container for the office. It is fantastic and is really refreshing and helping the breakouts. And the smell is wonderful. I love lavender and melaleuca together. 

What is your go-to product for breakouts?

This post is linked up to: Wildcrafting Wednesday over at Sustain, Create, & Flow. 

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