Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend Off

This is my weekend off. I have enjoyed it; but, feel that nothing much was accomplished. I had my 2 oldest granddaughters (ages 3 & 4) spend the night with me on Friday. They beg to spend the night every time they see me. They love me for some reason.

I quickly found out that having them 1 at a time is much better. Not only for me but for them also. That way they have my undivided attention and they have their own special time with me. Not only is this easier on Grandma; but, them too. As they fought, argued, and the 3 year old was jealous. So, 1 at a time it is!

Nothing much went on Saturday. I went to the local consignment shop because they were having a winter sale. But, didn't see much to get. I bought a cute tote and a bag of rubber stamps for myself. The 4 year old got a beautiful but cheap party dress that she will use for dress up (every day mind you), and a pair of sneakers. When I dropped her off home afterwards, she thanked me so much for them. lol. She is my sweetie pie. They all are. But, she is my first grandchild and she just amazes me. She has such spunk and acts all grown up most of the time. You never know what will come out of her mouth though. lol

Today, I am hoping to quit wasting time on this computer and actually do something. Dinner is in the crockpot. Laundry is in the process. Dishes were done last night. I'm just hoping to do something crafty today. Such as pick some fabric out for my bathroom curtains. I finally have a doable pattern. But, I'm just not happy with the fabric I have.

Or, I should work on that quilt. Or finish the grandkids quilts. Or start those coffee cup cozies. Or finish that shawl. Or just take a nap.......

What is a good weekend for you all?

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