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This is the post I have been meaning to write for awhile now but when I sat down to write, I realized I needed to go back and write about the other stuff.

So, here it is. I guess it will be short and sweet. I should have just wrote it then because I'm over it now.

Me and my sisters have had the step mother from hell and the step father from looney town. I would have went into this back when it was bubbling forth from me but now it's gone. Step father has left this world and the wicked witch has been history for awhile now.

I'm thankful for my current step-mom, Grace. She has accepted us kids right from the start and we were teens when she married my dad. Right from the start, she referred to us girls as her daughters. It was never, "this is my 'step' daughter" and I really appreciate that. When I had my daughter in the first year her and my dad were married she referred to Trish as her granddaughter. She has always bragged about her grandkids and made sure that they all got birthday and christmas presents. Now she does the same for the great grandchildren.

It's her example that I follow now that I am a step parent and step grandmother. Although, I don't see them but once a year (and just met them not too long ago); I have always thought of him as one of our kids and now his daughter is my granddaughter also.



Renee said…
I hope she sees this too!

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