Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Handmade Gift Exchange, Summer 2012

As per a recent post, I mentioned that I was in a craft exchange that ended June 30. For more information on that exchange, you can see the side icon for the link. I participated in last summer's exchange and this time it was a little different. Instead of just 2 partners that were paired up, there was one person to make a gift for and another person that made a gift for you. 

This is the gift that I received from Crystelle. It's a slip case for my Kindle.  I have been wanting to make a case for my Kindle since the fall and now I don't have to. Thanks, Crystelle, I love it!!

I choose to sew a little bag for my giftee, Lorisa.  This was the first time I ever made a bag and was quite pleased with the results. I took it to work with me and everyone just loved it and now wants me to sell them some bags. I found the pattern on the internet. 

I now have made several bags for my granddaughter's and for an auction for our family reunion coming up.  Also, Crystelle and Lorisa have their own craft businesses. So, I will be keeping their business cards and just might purchase something from them. Here is the linky party to see other gifts in the exchange. 


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