Sunday, June 17, 2012

A So-called Free Sunday

8:30 am: woke up. took a pee. got a drink of water. put ham in crockpot. fed cat. cleaned up. ate yogurt and checked social media sites.

9:00 am: went back to bed, read, napped, and dreamed (can't tell you what i dreamed - haha).

11:00 am: got up. showered. ate cereal. prepared clothes for laundry. filled up pill box. consumed meds. checked social media again. prepared this dumb list. oh wait this was at noon.

1:30 pm: got dressed and actually DID something:

6 loads of laundry (spread throughout the day). crocheted. watched some of a lifetime movie.  checked social media sites. figured out best time to call my dad during my busy day.

4:00 p.m: looked up recipes. decided to make another day. checked my avocado. no good no more. seen that there is 4 overripe bananas that i must do something with. will have to wait another day to do something with them. prepared potatoes and mixed veggies for supper. made smoothie for morning. called my dad which lasted less than 1 minute. ate supper. saved meat for future meals.

6:00 pm:  semi cleaned up. rested. checked social media sites. crocheted. took pics of my crocheting and uploaded them to site.

8:00 pm: washed dishes. more laundry. cleaned kitchen. Cleaned cat litter box. took meat out for tomorrows dinner. checked social media sites. 

8:54 pm: a dozen fire trucks went by my house. glad it's not mine. 

8:55 pm: frantically tried new links to watch True Blood. did not work. decided to balance checking account and pay some bills instead. 

10:50 p.m. wrote this dumb post. 

11:00 pm: last load of laundry in dryer. washed face. checked social media sites. checked another site for True Blood. bed. slept.

So, yes, i do have a full day despite being a granny and no kids to take care of. Tomorrow it's off to work at 7 am. 


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