Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Little Girls Birthday!

Today is my oldest child's birthday. She is 26 years old. Not a little girl anymore. Although, she will always by a little girl to me. She has a lovely disposition and it amazes me how she turned out that way having the parents that she has. We are anything but lovely. lol. I am looking forward to watching her grow even more into the woman she will become. I love you, Patricia Marie O'Donnell, with all my heart!!



Shelby said...

Your post makes me smile :) Aren't our children just the best thing ever?

I didn't realize your daughter was the same age as my youngest! He'll be 26 later this year.

Michele O'Donnell said...

:) that's cool. children are great; but grandchildren: they will amaze you even more. They are like reliving your time with your kids.