Friday, February 10, 2012

Suzy Homemaker

On Tuesday, I made supper, baked chocolate banana bread, and shopped, etc. etc. I don't make supper often because my kids are grown and I work the evening shift several nights a week. Plus, on my day off, I'm just plain tired and have too much other stuff to do. I usually just throw something in the crockpot if I do cook. But then it was my Treat Day at work. We just started this at work. Once a month a co-worker in our department brings in a treat. It was my day on Wednesday so I HAD to bake something. Plus, my husband took out some meat so I HAD to cook it also.

Anyway, I got the chocolate banana bread recipe from Pinterest. My coworkers loved it! So did I and it was easy. Which if I'm cooking or baking, EASY is a requirement.

Chocolate Banana Bread


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