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Book Recommendation

Becoming Your Spouse's Better Half: Why Differences Make a Marriage GreatI recommend every person should read this whether just married; or married for a while; or even contemplating marriage. We all need to know how the other gender thinks and why they act or don't act the way they do. Let's face it; we only know what our own gender thinks and feels and does.

Understanding your better half better and learning about how they "tick" is half the battle of marriage. It has taken me 24 years to ACCEPT the differences between men and woman. And I only wish that I had accepted it sooner and I would have saved myself a lot of problems.

The female gender likes to think that marriage is 50/50 or that is the ideal. But, that is BULL. I sure don't put in 50 percent of anything in any given day. I slack on my wifely duties; my motherly duties; my housework duties; etc. And my husband sure does also. We like to think they can read our minds and if they agree with certain things then why don't they just do what we want them to do the EXACT WAY we want them too.

Over the years, me and my husband have fought passionately and violently to the point of throwing things at each other and breaking things around the house. Only to discover at the end of the argument that we both agreed on the same thing. What the hell were we fighting for then anyway is what we ended up saying. I guess we were just fighting about the WAY we thought things should be handled. And of course it was our OWN way.

But men and women are different. How they think and handle things are completely opposite of us. And if us women would just accept that and learn to deal with it; things would go better. Forget about the women's liberation thing. IT REALLY DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY! And of course, men need to understand us too and step up and put some effort into understanding and accepting us; and things would go better. And if we both would just do that, then respect would come so much more easily. Which is another big issue in marriages today.

Once I learned to just accept my husband and quit blaming him for the past, present, and future; things have been better. Of course, I had to start with realizing that I was not perfect and it was wrong to expect him to be something I couldn't be either. Also, I learned to accept myself and all my faults and lack ofs.

There are plenty of other good things in this book. It isn't a preachy book. It's a fast read and it has a section for men to read and women to read. You can skip over a lot of information also. There are suggestions for both genders to follow how to change the way we say things.

Also, I like the way the author accepts our differences and points out that that is how God made us and gives us ways to work together. Marriage is hard work. But if you both put in the hard work, you will be awarded with the marriage that you have always wanted.



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