Saturday, February 11, 2012


This is what I felt like after work today. It's what I feel like and look like when people are all at me at the same time demanding things from me relentlessly without any regards to me and my plans. If you are asking me to help you out and take you somewhere, then by god, it will be on MY terms and when I can fit you in! Not the other way around. And please don't spring things on me last minute. This is why I seem like a bitch and blow up in your face. I can only take so much. And yes; 2 of my family members have been told repeatedly. So, I really don't feel bad about my behavior.



Shelby said...

:-( I know that feeling. Sometimes people don't realize how demanding they are being and need to wake up to the fact that you aren't Superwoman even if they think you are!

Michele O'Donnell said...

thank you for understanding :)