Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Blog Design!

I have a new blog design made by, Blog Sites by Suzy. I am very excited about this. I am constantly changing the look of this blog and am never satisfied. I am not a designer (of anything) and decided to actually pay someone to do it for me. Someone who has some skills. Suzy did my recipe blog, All in the Family about a year ago with one of her pre-made blog designs and I just loved it. So this year, I took a leap and had her customize my main blog. I sure am glad I did. Thanks Suzy!!

PS: Maybe this will inspire me to post more often. I hope so. Now what do I say.....



Steve said...

I like it. You might want to try what I tried. Just post 1 or 2 sentences once or twice a day. Just some simple comments. Then you will post more often. You can still do bigger posts also. I tried 1 sentence, 1 picture and that worked well. Just an idea.

Michele O'Donnell said...

yes, i have already thought of that. thanks. i am going to try it. we'll see.