Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pillow Making

The whole entire month of June and into July, I have been making pillows. I seen this pillow pattern and had to make it. You can see the picture of the pillow I made in my last blog post below. When my grandaughter, saw the pillows that I was making she just had to have one. So, I found another pattern (here) that was more kid friendly and easier to make and made all 6 of the grandchildren a pillow plus one extra for a prize for my daughters baby shower. 

I made 2 pillows for the gift exchange and 2 for a friends birthday, plus 2 practice pillows that I am keeping and am partial to even though they are filled with flaws. Now these pictured. I'm all pillowed out now but have to make more. My daughters want some and I have to make one for my niece. She loves to be included in everything.

When I gave my 3 year old grandaughter her pillow this evening, she was happy, but wanted to know where her blanket is. She is under the impression that I am making her one. I don't know where she got that other than pillows go with blankets. She loves to look at my material and pick out her favorites and tell me to make this or that. And, of course, she expects me to make it right then and there with her help. She's a character. 

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