Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blogging Summer Camp

I just read about a virtual summer camp for blogs and thought it would be fun so here goes:

Day 1 – Provide a photo or sketch or dramatic rendering of the space where you normally blog:

Since I am definitely NOT providing a photo or sketch of where I blog, I will just have to write a dramatic rendering of the space where I blog.

Imagine this: an old creaky, crookedly house so ugly you can't even stand it. Walls are uneven and an icky color. I have no money to do hardly anything to the house. The kitchen is currently being remodeled so the rest of the house has to wait. So since the house is small I have my desktop computer in my bedroom. Yes, a desktop because I hate laptops. I'm a typist and laptops are just very annoying. I need an actual mouse also.

So here I sit in my room with green walls that I dream of changing to a sandy beige and I will have light sea green and brown accents pieces. Sometimes I dream of yellow walls or anything I see in a magazine. So I can spend hours up here on my wide screen flat monitor and waste time on Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, and of course blogging when the mood strikes me. Currently I have been in a frantic pillow making mood. I can't wait to show pics but will have to wait until the gift receivers get their gifts.

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