Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The State of the Union

So from the last post, you must think I have an unhappy marriage. That is wrong. I love my husband and feel there is no one else for me. It's true we have had a rocky marriage but there are plenty of good times also. Most of the problems are me and no I'm not an enabler and think everything is my fault.I say that because for years I have tried to make my life and marriage like what everyone else thought was right and proper. I have tried to change my husband into what I so desperately wanted in myself. It took 15 years before I finally got it. I finally came to the realization that I am so mad at him for not being the person I wanted myself to be. Because, if he was that person then it would be so much easier for me to be that person.

When I finally realized this, things began to change. And I really do think it was overnight. I decided to concentrate on the things I do love about him and accept him as he is. I decided to make time for him and his feelings and then in turn he did the same. I have stopped blaming him for the past and have accepted us for what we are. We are moody, sometimes selfish, very imperfect; lazy; etc. But, we love our children very much and now our grandchildren. And most of all we love each other and think our life is really just fine. We do wish our financial state was better and I wish I had a nice looking house. But everything else is fine and perfect for us.

In closing, I think that what we have done is marry ourselves. We are a lot alike but very different. We understand each other and give each other the space to vent and the alone time we so desperately need. And who else would put up with us? And for so long? Only someone who can relate exactly. We are both Pisces and he thinks the two fish pictured describe us. We are always going around in circles chasing each other. Very True. lol.

This quote is from Twitter when two Pisces get together:
Via Twitter.com: AllAboutPisces
#PISCES & #PISCES - Extremely good in the bedroom, but difficult elsewhere. You both crave lots of attention. Exhausting but exciting.

Of course all this love crap doesn't mean I won't get mad at him 5 minutes from now and want to hit him over the head with a frying pan or cut his balls off and chop it into tiny pieces.

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