Monday, May 9, 2011


Recent events have me wondering again why women grovel and beg their no good mate to stay. Whatever the reason is for the leaving or putting up with the abuse is another matter. But the begging and groveling is really disgusting. We all like to believe that we have and never will do it. But, I think we all do it to a certain degree.

We cater to our mates every whim and likes. Even when they are assholes, we try all the harder to charm them. It's all to a different degree when your in your 20s; 30s; 40s, etc. By the time your kids have grown and are out of the house, you can finally concentrate on your mate, and again cater to their every need to make them happy. But, hopefully; by then your mate will reciprocate; which will result in a happy union.

But was it all worth it? I don't know the answer to that. It's hard watching your daughters go through this. I am sick to my stomach with worry for them. I give them all the proper advice. But, have they learned from me? I think so. But, also, I think it's a trait for young women. Because by the time your in your 30s; you don't give a damn anymore about pleasing them. You have quite enough to do. If your marriage survives your 30s; it will be a miracle. Or does this just mean we are all immature and should never be in a relationship?

Ladies: we need to have pride in ourselves and stand up for our rights. If we can attract a man in the first place. Then don't worry and fear being alone and never getting someone else. Look for a man that has all the qualities you want now. Not potential qualities. Going through the decades of heartache is a waste of time in more ways than one. And if you are being abused verbally, mentally, or physically; please get help and LEAVE! There are a number of organizations to help you. Reachout is one organization you can turn to.

I don't mean to preach but this groveling by us women is unacceptable and demeaning. We can and deserve to be treated like decent human beings. Screw the assholes! If they can so easily get another woman being the idiots they are; then we most certainly can get a decent man! And the hell with "love". It's just an illusion. We love the person they potentially could be. Screw waiting for that to happen!

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