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Sorry my fellow (non-existent) readers for not posting lately. I've been extremely busy with everyone. It has been a week from hell. Appointments every day with me, Matthew, Trisha, Nathalie and grandkids. Along with taking Maddie to school and working and dealing with everyone's BS.

I'm sure glad that yesterday is over with. I was dreading that day at work. New computer system with only 3 hours of training that equaled one hour (or maybe 1/2 hr.) due to computer illiterate co-workers. But, it didn't go nearly as bad as I had envisioned. Except, I didn't get to take a shower due to an emergency ER visit with my son, Michael. Yes the same ER I have to look at at work.

Don't know what is wrong with Michael. They did every test they could do and everything looked fine. PA suggested getting an EEG (?) done (which they don't do at our hospital). But, wait.....I need to see about getting him medical insurance. This is only about the 4th time I've had to take him to ER with no medical insurance.

You see, along with his tendency to be accident prone; he is now passing out for no reason (that anyone can see anyway). PA asked if he was seizing up and eyes rolling in back of head. I said no because no family member told me about him shaking. But when I finally got a chance to talk to my husband he said that yes his arm was all seized up. This is only 2nd time this has happened. So, now I have to make insurance coverage a priority as soon as possible. I wonder if he has developed what his Aunt Jody has. She developed seizures in her 30s all of a sudden.

So, this next week will have to do the insurance thing. I will try to post my granddaughter, Kaelynn's 1st birthday pics next.

Hope everyone has a great week ahead (including me).


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Early this morning we had an eclipse of the moon. It was a full moon and the eclipse turned the moon red. I have been noticing the effects of the moon on my body and mood since September when I had a return of my panic attacks.I finally feel that I've conquered that with the help of meds and meditations. Lot's of meditation, relaxing music, plenty of spiritual reading, and soul searching. 

Everything isenergy. Even us. So when I get anxious and nervous now, I try to remember that it's just energy. That what I'm feeling is the energy in me and all around me. I'm fine and everything is okay and as it should be. I take deep breaths and make sure I work on clearing my chakras everyday and do my meditations at night. I want to get off the meds, but my intuition is telling me to wait until I am whole. I don't feel whole quite yet. But, everyday things are getting better. I'm feeling a calmness and serenity in me. I'm feeling happier and more joyful everyday.

Conflicting Feelings

My fingers are itching to type and my mind is in overdrive again. It's scary to pour your heart out. But, I did get a good response on my last post. The response was on Facebook. I really really wish people would comment on the blog post itself also :)

Well, maybe I should explain why I am so upset with religion??

Religion specifically Christianity;

We are taught:

To be separate from the world; to not mix and mingle with the world; if you do you will be influenced by them for the badTo just listen to God's laws and if you don't you are a problemThat we are not to believe in rituals and spiritualism  To listen to God and not ourselves; we just can't be trustedTo look down on people who are not us or who think and act differently (yes, I hear your protests that this is not so)That we are sinners who can never measure up 
Why is this bothering me so?
It has caused me nothing but anxiety attacks and low self-esteemIt has inhibited me from further progressing; my mind has never …

The Best Darn Stain Remover

I got this recipe from Pinterest. This is great for any stain you might have. It's the only thing I use. And it's easy. Easy is my middle name. In more ways than one lol.
In a Spray Bottle mix:

1 part of Dawn Dishwashing Detergent (the old blue kind)
2 parts of Hydrogen Peroxide

Shake. Spray. Throw in the wash.

That's it. It's stinky. But don't let that stop you. It works and it's easy. When you put it through the wash you can't smell it anymore. I promise.