Thursday, October 21, 2010


Me and my mom received an unexpected surprise the other day. MATERIAL! Now that may seem boring to some, but; to us, it's wonderful :-)

Here is a piece of material to make hankies. My mom is excited about that.

Here is the material neatly stored away. We plan on quilting and making aprons. And whatever else strikes us.

So I'm sitting here in the waiting room at the dentist office listening to Pat Benatar and a stupid teenage girl talking while she's filling out her paperwork. I must say, I broke out laughing a couple of times.

So after my son gets done here, I am heading to Staples to get a pattern enlarged. Then I am off to Joann Fabrics and will look for sewing "tools" to begin an apron. And of course, I will "ooh" and "awh" over things and Matthew will be bored out of his mind. He probably will not go in with me.

Hope everyone has a relaxing day. I am enjoying mine. After a night of hell at work, I think I deserve it.

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