Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cool Ideas

My sister texted me last night and gave me a few blogs to look at. Just got done looking at them and a few others. Cool ideas I want to try. Tea cup bird feeder. Making your own cake pedestal using a decorative plate. Tree branch curtain rods. A ton of stuff I can't even remember.

But, I found a post on a blog I can't remember on where to buy fabric online. I have them written down. Excited to look at them. Hope to find some fabric. Oh, and I am now inspired to make an apron.

Also this weekend I ordered stuff for my iPhone and found an online store that I can get fels naptha. Yes I ordered from them too.

I am now excited to get some work done on house. Just waiting for daughter and her two kids to move out. We can't tear kitchen apart with them underfoot.

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Like Only You Can said...

YAY! Glad you found good info and fun sites!