Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Day

Well, so far I have had a great day. Was able to sleep in. Hubby came home early this morning. I wasn't expecting to see him until Monday.

I made a pot roast and potatoes and carrots in pressure cooker before work. Tasted it and it's succulent! Brought some to work for my supper so I won't have to suffer with hospital food.

I also managed to do dishes and take a shower and work on my "farm" on FarmVille. At work now. Hope the rest of day goes well.

Which reminds me that yesterday when I was at work my daughter informed me that she got hit in head with a softball during a game. She was in extreme pain and headachey and dizzy. She wasn't gong to ER but I convinced her to. She was checked out and had a CT scan and was alright. Thank God! I called her today and she said she was feeling all right. Whew!!!

Also I found a "surprise" in my purse yesterday: 3 dirty baby socks :-) from Kendra. She is so cute.

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