Sunday, February 28, 2010


I have discovered that Matthew, my youngest child, makes the best coffee. I had him make me a pot a lot this week since I have been sick. And now I'm going to ask him to do so a lot more. Like this morning for instance. Delish! Or maybe I'm still too sick to taste properly. Oh well, I am savoring it now.

Birthdays! My niece, Ilse's bday was the 26th; Mike and Jeremie had theirs yesterday the 27th. Today is my nephew Tanner's bday. Trisha bought her father a present but not her husband. lol. She said he didn't mind......I don't know about that. Mike was happy to get something since his wife doesn't ever think of him. lol. Out of all our kids, Trisha is the only one who makes sure she gives gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Mike is proud of her for trying to do something with her life. She has always been a go-getter. Now, how do I inspire the others.....

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ReneeSCole106 said...

Way to go Trisha!

It is hard to inspire children, *sighs* I am having some of the same problem these days! If you come across anything that works for you guys, let me know!