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Blogging on a Sunday Morning

Lol. Lionel Richie has a song, "Easy on a Sunday Morning." How lame, right? I know, I know.

Well, I really can't remember what this week was like. I must have blocked it from my mind, as usual. I remember feeling mad, pissed, upset, and accomplished, dissatisfied, and satisfied....hmmmm.....

I had Monday and Tuesday off from work, so I was able to get the kitchen cleaned up and the laundry did get caught up for one day at least. I worked Wednesday evening and came home to a mess of a kitchen. I proceeded to do the dishes up so that I wouldn't have to deal with it on Thursday morning. Was off Thursday so was able to keep things reasonable. Worked Friday morning so was able to keep kitchen cleaned that day. I worked Saturday evening and what do you know.....I came home to a mess/disaster of a kitchen. So, I was pissed! Still am. I am refusing to clean the kitchen. There is no reason for this. My kids are LAZY!!

Mike and I agreed we need to have a talk with the rest of family AGAIN. We have had plenty of talks over the course of the years. Nothing ever changes. We are too easy on these "kids." They are not kids anymore. We need to stop calling them that now.

I am mad at my daughter. She is 21 and living here with her boyfriend and 2 kids. Which wouldn't be bad if there was any respect and consideration. But there isn't. My house is not my own at all. I can't have anything the way I want or do what I want. My daughter seems to think I don't matter and anything that is mine does not matter. She let me drink instant tea with tobacco in it all week for God's sake! I asked her what the hell was in it. She asssured me she had no idea and why would there be anything in it. I just remember specks of "something." So, I have been drinking it. Tasted good. Well yesterday, she confessed to me about it. I am PISSED! See what I mean? Who would do that? Where did I go wrong?

We were too easy on the kids and did not force them to do chores and now they are LAZY and have no conscience. Oh, I tried so hard to have rules and chores. But, both parents need to be united and that was not the case. And there are plenty of other things making me mad at her. There is no reason she can't do the dishes when I can't get to them. Yes, it's hard taking care of 2 kids. But I sure kept up with the dishes and laundry, etc. at the age of 17 and beyond. Sure it's hard but you do what you have to. I never would have thought of leaving it to my parents to do. And I was living on my own at 18 and kept a sparkling house. You could eat off from my floors and I was pregnant and had an 18 month old. I kept a sparkling house with 4 kids for God's sake. I don't expect a sparkling house but just that the dishes and laundry be kept up. And I do what I can but WHY can't she help me. And there are other things too. But enough of this. She will see this and I don't care. I have told her enough times.

I have a lot of things I want to do. I am trying to get all these knitting projects done and I would like to start on my quilts again. I have to set up a sewing corner/space and bring my sewing machine back here. I think I have found the space. I will have to try moving things to see if it will work. Also, I have started, once again, typing my recipes out so that I can assemble a "cookbook." I have opted for the easiest method. That is all I can do. I have one graphic and I have finally found one I really like and will go with the color theme of my future remodeled kitchen.

So, maybe I remembered more about this week than I thought. I'm sure there were other things going on. I remember watching my grandchildren in amazement. I do that often. Kendra is learning so many things and is very agile and climbs up everything. She likes to share my breakfast with me. She has been in a "huggy" mood lately which I love. Kaelynn is 4 months old now and just loves her grandparents talking to her and giving her attention. She tries to turn over. Kaydence loves me to pieces and is so happy. I do love them all!

I am still working on my diet. I sure wish there was a spell check on here. Well, I hope this week goes better than last. Hope your week is good also.


ReneeSCole106 said…
DAMN, sis! Now I know why you tell me to just write whatever the hell I want...You go girl!

It is never NEVER too late to demand respect... because you deserve it! EVERYONE deserves respect and it sounds to me like what your children REALLY suffer from is a LACK OF RESPECT...for other people, for other people's property, for what other people give to them, for what it takes for YOU to acquire what YOU have, etc. Hold firm to whatever you decide/rules you lay down! They will NEVER respect you if you are wishy washy and let them walk on you....they seem VERY WILLING to walk all over you! SAD!

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