Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am feeling like a rotten grandmother but I do need a rest. I deal with babies all day long and to get away I have to go to my room. So, my daughter deals with it ALL day; but SHE had the 2 kids; it's her job. I did my time with 4 of my own. I would like to be a real grandmother and just see the kids for a couple of hours; spoil them to death and leave. Why can't it be like that?

Am I wrong? Selfish? Maybe? But, today I refused to watch the 3 month old tonight. I dealt with Katie all day long. She is attached to me at the hip. I love her to pieces but am tired. I try to give all 3 attention but it's hard. And my daughter thinks that I am neglecting her kids in favor of Katie. It might seem that way but she loves me to pieces and I her and we are very attuned to each other. She doesn't want anyone but me. Kendra just wants a quick kiss and hug and to be on her way. The 3 month old, I try to pay more attention to now but it's hard with Katie crying because she is not with me.

Anyway, I said no for tonight. Trisha said yes. So, after her working all day she is now with the 2 babies watching them. Selfish? Maybe?

But, a grandma can only handle so much in a day.


Steve said...

sometimes ya gotta do, what ya gotta do. you do a lot for them, it is ok to say no everyonce and a while, especially if you are exhausted.

ReneeSCole106 said...

What he said...and AMEN!